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Data Protection Statement

BEUMER attaches special importance to protecting personal information and to compliance with data protection statutes and guidelines. Personal data contained in the BEUMER / Crisplant database are treated as strictly confidential and access to the database is restricted. In accordance with the present guidelines. The provisions of applicable data protection laws are fully complied with. Personal data are processed according to the applicable protection legislation based on EU directive 95/46/EC. If you have any questions relating to data protection, please address these first to the data protection officer of BEUMER Group at dataprotection@beumergroup.com.

I. Why do we record data?

Personal data are recorded in our database so that we can better assess and contact candidates who are being considered for current or future vacancies within our company. With the assistance of our eRecruiting system you can register with our database and create your personal profile. You may wish to submit your résumé to apply for a position advertised on our website. However, you can also submit your résumé even if you do not have a specific job advertisement in mind. Both applications are stored in the database. This means that even if you have not been selected for the desired position, we will still be able to contact you for any adequate future vacancies, which may suit your qualifications.

II. What kind of data do we record?

We record the information needed for application procedures:

1) Your personal data
If you consent to the storage of your data in our database, the following personal details ("Personal Data") will be stored: a) contact information that makes you identifiable, such as your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address; b) data relating to your educational and professional background; c) you also have the option to add other electronically stored documents to your application, such as a cover letter, references, certificates, etc. If you have already attended a job interview with us, we may include a brief assessment in the database. Only information specifically relating to the assessment, the hiring procedure or your job profile will be recorded. We guarantee compliance with the German General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - AGG).

2) Statistical data
The data in the database may be consulted for statistical purposes. However, these data are anonymized and do not identify individuals.

3) Your application-activities
If you apply for several positions at the same time or re-apply for another position, we may store your activities. Multiple applications are very much encouraged, and by tracking your activities we can direct more suitable job advertisements your way. If you would prefer us not to store your activities, simply send us an e-mail. Of course, you can also delete certain entries from the database yourself, or you can ask us to do this for you. However, deletion will not be possible if you have applied for a specific position with us and the application process is ongoing. In this case, we will store the information you have provided for this position until statutory periods expire.

4) Accessing, editing and deleting your profile data
You can always access, edit and delete the information you stored. Besides, our HR Department can view, process, update or delete this data for you upon your request. However, any such action is not possible if you have applied for a specific position with us and the application process is ongoing. In this case, we will store the information you have provided for this position until statutory periods expire.

III. Who is given access to the data?

The data provided are treated confidentially and used exclusively within the context of the relationship between you and BEUMER. The information you have entered can only be viewed by the relevant HR department and the specialist department of the BEUMER company to which you have submitted your application.

In addition, the data you have provided may also be passed on to HR departments and specialist departments at other companies belonging to the BEUMER Group that are advertising vacancies and may be interested in your application documents. You can object to passing on your documents at any time by contacting the HR department to which you originally submitted your application.

The data you provide to us are not made accessible or sold to third parties from other organizations outside the BEUMER Group.

IV. Who processes your data?

Technical support is managed by Lumesse GmbH .The servers are maintained and hosted by Telecity in Frankfurt, Germany. It has been ensured that all legal requirements are met by all parties.

V. Data security

The companies belonging to the BEUMER Group are very conscious how vital it is to handle the information that you submit to us via the Internet in the eRecruiting system with discretion and to safeguard it. We attach utmost importance to guaranteeing the security and, in particular, to ensuring the confidentiality of information entered.

1. Security measures
To guarantee confidentiality and data integrity, as well as to protect data from corruption, we use a variety of security measures, such as firewalls, anti-virus software, security checks etc. Websites that prompt you to input data are encrypted with SSL technology (the address begins with https://www.). BEUMER endeavors to keep the encryption technology up to date with the latest developments in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the data that you transmit via the Internet.

b)2. IP addresses
When logging into the database, the server you are using can be identified by the Internet Protocol address. We store such Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in log files for data security reasons. We use IP addresses to create general and anonymous statistics, for example, about visitor numbers, page impressions etc. In addition, it serves to counter malicious or criminal server attacks that may be directed against your data or the functionality of the database. However, traceable user profiles are not generated using this information.

3. Cookies
The database uses so-called session cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored temporarily on your hard drive. The information contained in cookies serves to facilitate navigation and may enhance the user friendliness of a website. These days, most browsers are preconfigured to accept cookies automatically. However, you can adjust your browser's settings so that cookies are generally rejected or so that you receive warnings first.

VI. Terms of use

1. Copyrights
The content published in the database is protected by copyright. Content may only be downloaded and retrieved for private, non-commercial purposes.

2. Downloading
Any downloading, if legally permissible, is at your own risk. We accept no liability for any kind of damage or loss arising from the downloading, installation, storage or use of software or database content. In addition, we accept no liability for any kind of damage, loss or functional faults that are caused by viruses or so-called worms, despite our use of an up-to-date anti-virus programs.

3. Links to other websites
The moment you follow a link to another website and in so doing leave our website, we no longer have any control or influence over the content offered there. Please also note that the terms of use and data protection provisions of a linked site will deviate from the terms of use and data protection standards of our own site. You should therefore read and comply with the data protection provisions and terms of use of the linked site.

4. Application information and file attachments
Please make sure that you do not send us any file attachments containing viruses or worms. Please also ensure that you do not transmit any information or attachments to us that contain certain kinds of personal data, notably information relating to ethnic origin, political, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, medical history, and sexual orientation. Information that you send to us must be truthful and must not violate any copyright, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights, press rights, general rights of third parties or ethnic principles ("illegal content"). Please be aware that we reserve all rights to hold you liable for any kind of infringement claims of other kind of violation claims that we may face as a consequence of your submission of one or more file attachments and that you may be held liable to fully indemnify us against any claims, costs, expenses, losses, damages, etc. which we may incur in relation to any file attachments with illegal content for which you may be held liable.

5. Changes in the date protection statement
All the information concerning data protection has been compiled with due care and to the best of our ability. Any changes to our data protection guidelines will be displayed here. If you would like to store this text, please press Ctrl+S.
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